Bullionville (Douglas Co.) We Visited: 4/30/2007
Our Dinner: Scrambled eggs, NY Steaks,& hash browns
38° 50' 02"N, 119° 30' 17"W USGS Double Spring Quad

Directions: From Fallon: US 50 East 62.3 miles to Carson City; US 395 South 34.7 miles to Holbrook Junction; East on SR 208 for 6.3 miles to local road; generally northwest on local road for 9.7 miles

From Fallon: 113 miles

What Was

Not to be confused with Bullionville in Lincoln County, Nevada. What little I could find out about Bullionvile came from the book Pine Nut Chronicle - History of Douglas County Mines by Nyle Nation. Even then, the mention is brief. One wonders why it's on the USGS map at all. Mr. Nation mentions that Bullionville was a "primitive, early-day mining camp" in his chapter on the nearby Longfellow Mine. By "early-day" I'm assuming Mr. Nation is referring to the period of around the 1860's. He talks about Mr. A.C. Pratt building a mill 100 yards below the camp of Carman Hieghts, which was situated about "...1,500 feet below the Longfellow Mine in Mill Canyon." Some miners apparently lived in cabins at Bullionville during this time. The population of Bullionville probably never exceeded twenty men.

Post Office: None
Newspaper: None

What is

There's a whole lot of nothing at Bullionville, with regards to the mining camp itself. This is probably because there wasn't a lot there to begin with- mostly tents with a few wooden buildings. There are some ruins at the Longfellow mine, presumably the remains of the hoisting works, and the mill which is situated down Mill Canyon a ways. The altitude here is between 8500 and 9000 feet, which makes for some cold winters, I reckon.

Mr. Nation's map suggests coming from US 395 via Blossom Canyon. That route is now marked with a big No Tresspassing sign. An alternate might be coming up via Minnehaha Canyon, which sounds infinitely more fun. That would involve taking Topaz Ranch Road north and then Canyon Rd north.

Historical debris awaits you at the Longfellow mine, the principle hole in the Greater Bullionville metro area.
Down the road a piece, the remains of what I believe is Pratt's Mill.
It's a hazy view of the Singatse Range and- behind them- the Wassuk Range, looking east from the Longfellow Mine.
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