4WD or high clearance desired
  Clan Alpine (Alpine)

39° 32' 12"N, 117° 50' 11"W - CLAN ALPINE RANCH quad

VISITED November 2002.
DIRECTIONS From Fallon, take HIghway 50 east for 60 miles; turn left on Old Overland Road and go north about 10 miles; turn left and go west about 0.2 miles. Historic Clan Alpine Ranch is on other side of the main road- the ranch IS occupied and IS private property. From Fallon: 70 miles

"In 1866 the Silver Lode Mining Go. erected a 10-stamp mill at the mouth of Cherry Creek, where the camp of Alpine was laid out. A number of stone buildings, now in ruins, attest this early activity. The veins proved to be narrow and low-grade, so that the district was abandoned after several years. Except for sporadic prospecting, there has been little mining since the early days. In all probability not more than a few thousand dollars has been produced. In April 1939 the only mining in this area was on the Nevada Gold group of claims." (Vanderburg, RoMDICCN)


POST OFFICE March 12, 1866 - May 21, 1868

Splendid rock ruins, friendly folks at the Clan Alpine Ranch let us look around and take all the pictures we wanted. The site of Clan Alpine, which was the mill and some miscelleaneous buildings, is at the mouth of Cherry Creek Canyon, about 3/4 of a mile west of the ranch. We amused ourselves by riding up War Canyon and making the loop over to Cherry Creek Canyon, a ride made even more interesting by the fact that it was deer season. Thankfully, noone mistook our handlebars for a rack and we escaped relatively unscathed.

By the way, we tasted the hamburgers at Cold Springs (since burned to the ground) and they are good. I mean, really, really good. Luis provides some detail:

"As we arrived at Cold Springs Station, I was leery as to the quality of the food that would be served as they are so isolated. The next stop was miles away- I figured that those that ate there wouldn't be too picky as what was served. I was pleasantly surprised, though, not only in the cozy surroundings inside but when we got our order, it far exceeded my expectations. The massive burger had a fresh bun, crisp lettuce and a huge slab of ground round, topped off with a generous heap of steak fries. The cook/waiter was friendly and service was outstanding, and was reasonably priced. It was a very pleasant dining experience, and a great way to end a long ride in the Alpine range. I know we will go again should we ever be in that neck of the woods again."

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