Cox Canyon

THe stone cabin hides amongst the sage
I wonder if there was ever any glass in this window
All the comforts of home, including built-in shelves


Yet another view of the stone cabin
A view down the canyon

The remains of a weather balloon

Then someone has to ruin the ambience by spray-painting arrows all over the place.
A view up the canyon
A wood cabin loses its struggle against the elements
The ever-present abandoned bed frame
Another shack
Part of a stove, I believe
A mine
Mine entrance
You can see the cut made for the ore cars
The remains of the ore car track A shot showing how steep these workings are
I mean, really, really steep
A panorama of the ruins near this mine.
Mud drying along side the road
You can't go through a tree- you gotta go around
Walking stick acts as a cat's whisker
Pulling a tree out of the way for Luis
Resting on one of the more the level spots
Oh joy! A clear section of trail near the summit
Well, that didn't last very long
Some sausage appetizers for dinner.