It's nice to see buildings still standing
Looking west
Another house in this small neighborhood
At this angle you can see the additions
PRobably a root cellar
I forgot to look to see what brand of truck this was... appears to start with an McC...???
This sits in the back yard. I'm assuming it's not for making peanut butter
Did I get all huffy and puffy climbing up the hill to get this vista for you to enjoy? Yes, but I don't mind.
Let friend and foe alike know that even in Ellsworth, Nevada, Old Glory waves proudly.
Mr. James Donovan has been an Ellsworth resident since at least 1932. Check out Todd Easton's comments in the guestbook!
What appears to be Donovan's original marker
Looking back (westward) at the complex. Someone took the time to import a blue spruce, and it's doing well with all the water around.
This spring and tire/trough are right before you come into "town." Nice, cold water!
A cabin
Hand hewn timbers
  Flattened cooking oil cans make a great- albeit noisy- roof  

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