Fairfield We Visited:
39 16' 50"N, 118 07' 50"W - DRUMM SUMMIT quad


From Fallon:

What Was

Fairfield was a promotional townsite that fed off the success of nearby Fairview. It's location was about 3,000 feet south of Highway 50. The post office is listed as being rescinded, which means they never got around to actually operating.

"A townsite has been plotted by Watson Van Dyke (of Goldfield) known as Fairfield, and an automobile line has been put on betwen Hazen and the new camp...

"Eighty lots have been sold in Fairfield. Several business houses opened this week, including restaurants, lodging houses, stores, and saloon.

"Two wells have been dug with the expectation that water will be encountered without going too much depth as there is quite a growth of willows on the ground."

Fallon Herald, 3 March 1906 (Historic Mining Camps of Nevada- Fairview- Shamberger)

Post Office: Apr 1906 - Nov 1906

Newspaper: None

What is

Haven't been there yet

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