Frenchman (Bermond, Frenchman Station) We Visited: Buzzin' by all the time
39 16' 46"N, 118 16' 09"W - FRENCHMAN quad

Directions: Take Highway 50 east from Fallon for 32.5 miles until... until... well, until you get to where Frenchman's used to be.

From Fallon: 32.5 miles

What Was

Frenchman's was a freight station that served the boom towns of Fairview and Wonder and- later- motorists venturing out on Highway 50. For some reason it took on the name "Bermond" when it acquired a Post Office.

I remember when Luis and I were coming back from a visit to Rawhide when his fan belt broke. We managed to limp into Frenchman's Station, where thankfully they had a replacement for only, oh, I don't know, $80 or something. Oh, I'm just kidding. It was really, really nice to have a little place out in the middle of the desert to stop for stuff, and although I love the U.S. Government with all my heart and I admire the U.S. Navy in particular, I hate them for taking Frenchman's Station. And I'm not entirely happy about the whole Dixie Valley thing either, in case you wanted to ask.

Post Office: Nov. 24, 1920- May 31, 1926

Newspaper: None

What is

Nothing. Just a wide spot in the road. [sob]

A Peek From The Peak-
A view from Fairview Peak looking east and down shows Labou Flat and the Fairview Valley.
This 1910 view shows, reportedly, the little Frenchman Himself, standing hatless.
(photo courtesy Churchill County Museum)
1919 view shows one of those new-fangled automobiles in front of the station. To the left, a sign advertises the fact that the Station is on the Overland Trail and - more importantly- that there is "ice cold beer and wine" inside.
(photo courtesy Churchill County Museum)
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