Gillis (Mineral County) We Visited: 6 June 2007
Our Dinner: T-bones, hash browns and eggs
38° 42' 01"N, 118° 16' 37"W - WIN WAN FLAT quad

Directions: From Fallon, take Highway 50E 32.1 miles to SR839 (Rawhide Turn-off) ;Turn S on SR839 for 30.7miles; left on dirt road, head generally SE for 12.2 miles.

From Fallon: 75.0 miles

What Was

Gilis (sometimes Gillis Camp and probably also know as Sargent's Well) was a station on the old Wadsworth - Columbus freight route, and it is--roughly-- half way between those two points. From roughly 1873 to 1882, this route was used equipment and supplies from the Central Pacific Railroad at Wadsworth to the mining camps of Candelaria, Belleville, and Columbus. And of course, the results of mining from those towns were shipped back the same way. The trip took about eight days each way- that's an average of about sixteen miles each day. Slooooooooooow.

Post Office: none
Newspaper: none

What is

Gillis Spring and Gillis Camp are on private property The owner, the Holmgrens, run the Rawhide Ranch. I've never spoken to them, but I know they would like their property treated with respect.

Remains of the station are, like nearby Midway, on a well-graded dirt road, easily accessible by your Mom's Dodge Caravan.


Mother Nature greeted us with flowering cactii
The remains of a station
Unidentified ruffians search for burried treasure
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