Same baking powder yer mamma used ta use
Side and end seam can. These were soldered by machine and later, crimped.
This cabin is in the Hercules area, up a small side canyon.
Security isn't as much of a problem as blowing wind, so doorknobs aren't as important as insulation.
Lucky inhabintants had some corrugated metal to work with as well as wood.
Left to the elements and tourists, most dwellings will simply be scattered and eventually vanish.
The mine next to the destroyed cabin
A view with the cabin in the foreground and Hercules Canyon winding back towards Wonder in the background.
On the way back down this road, you can see this mine way up the hill.

The second cabin is another 500 feet down the road from the small side canyon mentioned earlier.
This building is up the side canyon road a bit
Someone with a sense of humor and bad sense of direction labeled this building "Victor Garage."
A view of the 'garage" looking down the minor canyon.
Out here, you use what's available for building materials. This is the first time we've seen doors used.
This mine sits on the hill above the "garage."
The remains of an old bed
Another old bed
Structure on top of a mine , near the main road.