Coming to the site, the first thing you notice is this rock wall
For some reason, right behind this wall, there is charcoal everywhere
Old hole-in-top cans didn't wash down here from another location, or did they?
I didn't have my panorama camera handy, so I cobbled together this shot of the front of what I think is the smelter.
Formerly the chimney of the smelter?
This little building sits forlornly off to the side
Whatever it is, it was melted and dumped out here.
A crucible or ...?
Another building nearby the smelter
Another view of the Illinois Mine from where the water tanks once stood. Note the rings that used to hold them together.
Didn't think much of this at first- looked like a broomstick with some wire wrapped around it. Then I saw a second one and a third one, and realized it must have some specific use.
Directly under the Illinois Mine headframe, is this A-shaped trap door. It leads to the shaft. Don't go in there.
Inside shot shows the rock work and brick work of the smelter
Another headframe in the next canyon as darkness falls.
A panorama of the Illinois Mine
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