Massie (aka Hot Springs, Zelda) We Visited: 8-25-2001
39 35' 49"N, 118 58' 30"W - SODA LAKE WEST quad

Directions: From Hazen, take California Road east for 0.3 miles, continue on local dirt road for 4.6 miles. Roads in area are sandy.

From Fallon: 20.3 miles

4WD or high clearance desired

What Was

Was and is a railroad siding. Although the book Nevada Post Offices claims that "Massie siding" is not Massie, (which NPO claims is supposed to be about 18 miles NE of Wadsworth) Nevada Place Names claims it is the place. On the other hand, Hot Springs Flat is in the general area Nevada Post Offices claims Massie is, and Hot Springs is one of the names the post office there used to go by. So where is it, really? NPO, or NPN? It's a mystery. We're going with the railroad siding, because the USGS map says so.

Post Office: September 23, 1891 - November 1902

Newspaper: None

What Is

There was a considerable amount of ruins and debris at Massie, which we found surprising. Many ruins, foundations, concrete clocks, and a large array of cans, glass, and the like scattered over a large area.

Be advised that Massie is right next to the railroad tracks. Railroad tracks are used by trains. Trains hurt. They aren't expecting anyone out here, and are moving very fast. We saw several range cows, the remains of which had been hit by trains. The moral of this story is, respect trains, stop, look, and listen before going near a track.

Stop, look, and listen- knowhutImean, Vern?
Bottle scavengers were here before you were born, probably. But there's lots of broken glass, and you can still see some unusually-shapped bottle parts laying around.
Here is an old one pound Calumet baking powder can.
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