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  New Boston

N 38°26'2.25" W118° 9'4.11"


DIRECTIONS From Mina; Head north on US 95 for 3.8 miles; take local dirt roads generally westward.

Listed as a station on the Carson and Colorado railroad, although the town itself was almost a mile west of the tracks, near the relatively unimportant Black Butte silver mine. Paher mentions that New Boston was briefly considered as a terminus for the rail road, since it had a water tank and a good supply of water, but land speculators changed the railroad's mind and they went with Mina instead.


Over seventy-five adult male residents of New Boston, a town situated about twelve miles this side of Belleville, have joined in petitioning the United States postal department to establish a post office at New Boston.
-Yerington Times, August 28, 1878

They got a post office, but only very briefly.

Not quite a town, yet-- still considered a "camp."

The Candelaria True Fissure gives notice that a movement will be made to form a new county out of that part of what is now Esmeralda county lying east and southeast of Whiskey FLat, and embracing all the territory in which the towns of Marietta, Belleville, Candelaria, MEtallic City, and Columbus are situated, and also the mining camps of New Boston, Lone Mountain, Silver Peak, Montezuma, Lida Valley, Palmetto, Fish Lake Valley, and Hutche's Canyon are located.
-The Pioche Record, July 3, 1880

By 1881 New Boston had a saloon, stable, two boarding houses, and an intermittently operating quartz mill, according to the GLO plat map.

Ol' Woodhull will get things turned around, for sure!

W. S. Woodhull, the Superintendent of the New boston Mill in Esmeralda county, came up from below and left for the South this morning.
-Reno Evening Gazette, July 27, 1883

OK, send in McClane!

R. L. McClane, bother-in-law of R. H. Hoy, who has been spending a few weeks in Reno, went south this morning, to again take charge of the New Boston mill, in Esmeralda county.
-Reno Evening Gazette, July 28, 1883

OK, forget about it.

Some time during last Monday night the New Boston mill took fire and burned to the ground. It was first discovered by Copper john, who saaw the smoke from a distance. It had been idle for some time, and thre being to watchman, it is suspected that some person set it on fire for spite.
-Walker Lake Bulletin, May 10, 1884

Someone's going to pay

Charles F. McDermott has commenced suit in the Superior Court, San Francisco, against the Orient, City of London, Lion, and Washington Insurance Companies for $2,500 each, and against the South British and National Companies for $2,00 each. Plaintiff was insured in these companies on the New Boston Mill, located at New Boston, in Esmeralda county, on the line of the C. & C. Railroad, and destroyed by fire last spring.
-Weekly Nevada State Journal, September 20, 1884

Funny how things turn out- Hawthorne is still there, New Boston is but a fond memory.

A large crew of men and teams were placed at work building a new grade from New Boston to the south, and when the rails are laid on the cut off Hawthorne will no longer be the main station ont he C. and C. Instead the division point will be moved to New Boston, which will probably become a city of importance.
-Reno Evening Gazette, May 11, 1905

We're into the next century and still mining!

With the old Garfield doubling it working force, rich strikes being made in the Oriol and other mines at Douglass camp, rich silver find at New Boston, the arrival of a big mill of the latest improvements for the Marietta mines, cash paid on the sale of the Silver Summit, and numerous other properties working, Mina, Nev. feels in good trim.
-Los Angeles Herald, December 16, 1907

Judge Hawthorne described this find back in the 1880's but got lost and couldn't find it again. But he remembered the then-operating New Boston Mill as a landmark.

From surface indications the cinnabar discovery twelve miles north of Mina is oneof the greatest strikes reported in southern Nevada in recent years. [Judge] Hawthorne in describing the discovery stated that he could see the light of the New Boston mill from the mound. New Boston was located between Sodaville and Mina and the old mill ruins and tailings dump are plainly discernable from the district.
-Tonopah Daily Bonanza, June 21, 1913

POST OFFICE April 22, 1879 - June 5, 1879

While the Black Butte mine is no longer producing sliver, it is producing data for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the form of seismic sensors placed deep inside the mine and transmitted to God-knows-where via satellite.



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