New Pass Mine
The massive cam from the old mill.
Pulley system ran the mill
The Jungs lived in this cabin about fifty years ago while working the Thomas W. Mine.
A view of some of the outbuildings and the valley, from the Thomas W. shaft.
Forgotten Nevada Assistant Director of Explorations and Staircase Stress Testing marvels at the engineering found at the old mill. Upper right corner shows the cabin the Jungs moved into later. "It was bigger, and had a fireplace ." explained Mr. Jung.
Another view of the Jung's second cabin.
A peek inside the old tunnel. "You go first."
This dump truck is poised and ready for action.
The famous Mack B-61 with a Thermodyne diesel. Mack built these between 1953 through 1966.
This tenacious little guy can't wait to start hauling ore to the mill again.
This 1941 or '42 Chevrolet pickup has earned a rest.
This ball mill is in the "new" mill and is used presently.
Carrying ore from down here to up there.
All kinds of vehicles are needed to run a mine. From l. to r. running gear off what appears to be an ore cart, dunebuggy with Volkswagen running gear, a Red Ryder wagon, and a 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air.
A view of the mill being used today.
A view of the old mill and second cabin.
Not only do they last a lot longer when you do this, they're quieter during a hailstorm, too.
A few of the old- and still used- buildings at New Pass.
Still standing and used!
Still standing and used!
Still... er... well, technically- still standing!
Sometimes I amaze myself at what I can find on the internet if I look hard enough. Here's a photo of the Thomas W. Shaft from a July 1945 report by Parker Liddell to the Reorganized Silver King Divide Mining Company. Ditto with this image. By the way, I retrieved both of these and the report itself from the wonderful, wonderful people at the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.