I had to borrow my neighbor-across-the-street's trailer to haul the quad in, as I am now sans-pickup truck.
The mill at the mouth of the canyon where sits the MGL Mine. I guess that would make this the MGL mill, wouldn't it?
I always love those decorative touches the workmen of yesteryear liked to use.
An overview of the MGL Mine area, showing the tracks, etc.
Inside the Pershing Mine
You don't want to drop your Chiclets down here.
We follow His Honor, Temporary Nightingale Mayor Gregg, into the nearby restored "Shotgun Shack," so named because of the idiots who've shot it so many times. Is it art? Is it science? Making one of these huge gadgets stay on the side of the mountain without sliding down requires lumber and planning. The only building standing in Nightingale, and- technically- I don't think you could really call it "standing."
Don't know what I was doing here, since I appear to be sideways. I guess I like doing things the hard way.
Tiny shack, heavy-duty metal doors.
This ore chute is at the top of the hill at the mill site