Awakening District

Some photos hastily thrown together of our trup to the Awakening District
DSCN3730  Panoramic from Daveytown looking west DSCN3731  Looking at the road to the Alabama Mine from Daveytown DSCN3732 DSC 1711  Ruins at Daveytown
DSC 1717 DSC 1720 DSC 1723 DSC 1726
DSC 1729 IMG 0373  Could have sworn there was an old car at Daveytown at one time- didn't see it this time. DSCN3735 DSCN3736
DSC 1732  The Alabama Mine DSC 1735  Remains of mill at Daveytown DSC 1738 DSC 1741
DSC 1744 DSC 1747 DSC 1750 DSC 1753
DSC 1756 DSC 1759 DSC 1762 DSC 1765
DSC 1768  Old tire DSCN3737  Getting close to the Alabama Mine DSCN3738 DSC 1771
DSC 1774 DSC 1777 DSC 1780  View of Ruins below Alabama Mine DSC 1783
DSC 1785 DSC 1786 DSC 1789 DSC 1792
DSCN3740  The Awakening townsite DSCN3741 DSCN3742  Can dump at Awakening DSCN3739  Mill remains near Awakening
DSCN3743 DSCN3744  Old truck at the Glory Hole Mine near Daveytown DSCN3745 DSCN3746
DSCN3748 DSCN3749  Remains fo track at Gloryhole Mine DSCN3751 DSCN3752
DSCN3753 DSCN3755 DSCN3757 DSCN3759
DSCN3761 DSCN3763  Austin-Jumbo Mine DSCN3764 DSCN3765
DSCN3766 DSCN3769 DSCN3771 DSC 1795  Glory Hole Mine
DSC 1796  All the comforts of home! DSC 1797  Servel (aka Electrolux-Servel) built gas and kerosene-powered refrigerators from 1927 through 1956. How does heat make cold? Here is a cool link: DSC 1801  Mill ruins near Alabama Mine DSC 1804
DSC 1807 DSC 1810 DSC 1825  Getting closer to the Austin-Jumbo. This is on the east side of the mountain DSC 1828
DSC 1834 DSC 1837 DSC 1840  The Austin Jumbo Mine DSC 1843
DSC 1846 DSC 1849 DSC 1855 DSC 1858
DSC 1861 DSC 1864 DSC 1867  Something was very, very dead inside here, as the smell and flies would confirm. DSC 1870  Lots of ore sacks
DSC 1873 DSC 1879  Camera shy lizard DSC 1888 DSC 1891
DSC 1894 DSC 1897 DSC 1898  Up for a shower? DSC 1901
DSC 1905 DSC 1906 DSC 1913 DSC 1915
DSC 1918 DSC 1921 DSC 1924  The fur and putrid remains of some poor rotting creature, probably drug in here to be feasted on. DSC 1930
DSC 1933 DSC 1936 DSC 1939 DSC 1942
DSC 1945 DSC 1948 DSC 1951  Awesome agitation tank. Very large. DSC 1954  They had electricity from somewhere.....
DSC 1957  Old power pole DSC 1960 DSC 1966 DSC 1969
DSC 1976 DSC 1978 DSC 1981 DSC 1984
DSC 1987 DSC 1990 DSC 1993  Tunnel under the tank DSC 1996
DSC 1999 DSC 2005 DSC 2008 DSC 2011
DSC 2014 DSC 2017 DSC 2020 DSC 2023
DSC 2026 DSC 2029  After all this rain, it was like freaking Ireland out here- green green green and flowers everywhere DSC 2032  Another power pole DSC 2033
DSCN3777  Luis spotted this mill heading west out of the canyon DSCN3772 DSCN3773 DSCN3776  Let that be a lesson to you.
DSCN3779  RIght next to the mill, a well with water about six feet down DSCN3778  The pump. DSCN3780  Mill remans at the very edge of the Desert Valley, west of the Austin-Jumbo mine DSCN3781
DSCN3782 DSC 2035 DSC 2038 DSC 2044
DSC 2047 DSC 2050 DSC 2053 DSC 2054
DSC 2056 AWAKENING 39N 36 E PLAT   Older map with Alabama mine in upper right Davytown 1947 BLM map  Excerpt from old map showing Daveytown