Bristol Silver

A pathetic collection of photos we toook on our failed attempt to get close enough to Bristol to see something.
164  On our way up the rough way, we noticed some huge can and trash dumps 165 166 167
168 169 170  Not unlike our broken dreams of seeing Bristol Silver, this small bowl or cup.  D. E. McNicol China made hotel ware in Clarksburg, West Virginia between 1914 and 1954. 171
172 173 174 175  "Photographed" my aching ass. Regardless, they don't want anyone up there, so we didn't go.
176  The idiots have cables strung everywhere to keep people from coming up. Most are not really necessary and are just a pain in the ass. 177 178 179
Pioche Record June 17 1882  This June 17, 1882 ad in the Pioche Record shows how Mr. Adelman is trying to cornver the met market with three locations. Bristol Silver Postmarks Money Order Receipts 1929  Some Bristol Silver postmarks on some 1929 money order receipts. Day Shift Work reports Bristol Silver 1959  1959 say shift work reports from Bristol Silver. MINING AND SCIENTIFIC PRESS September 26, 1914  September 1914 map from the Mining and Scientific Press