Photos from Como and the Vicinity
DSCN3797  Oliver filter near the Boyle Tunnel DSCN3799  View of the flat from the mill site near the Boyle Tunnel DSCN3801  Tank platforms near Boyle Tunnel DSCN3803
DSCN3805 DSCN3807 p1010012 p1010013
p1010015 p1010023  A piece of something significant p1010024 P1010026
P1010027 P1010031 P1010039  Historical O-ring P1010040
P1010044 P1010050 P1010053 P1010054
P1010055 P1010057 P1010059  I will try to focus next time, promise. P1010060
T15NR22E  Old plat map showing the Como area Boyle Tunnel  Diagram of the Boyle Tunnel, west of Como DSC 3658 59 60 tonemapped  The only structure standing at the Como town site DSC 3649
DSC 3685 DSCN3811  At the Como Mine DSCN3813  Looking at Como from the Como Mine DSCN3809  Shaft at Como Mine
P1010062 DSC 3652 DSC 3655 DSC 3658
DSC 3661 DSC 3664 DSC 3667 DSC 3670
DSC 3673  Remains of another building at Como DSC 3676 DSC 3679 DSC 3643  Como Mine from Como
DSC 3646 1871-73 Wheeler Map  1871 Wheeler Map showing the Como area Como Map  Another old map showing Como- date unknown COMO MILL  The Como Mill flow chart
DSCN3815  Structure at Pony Meadows Mine DSCN3817  Pony Meadows Mine DSCN3819  Pony Meadows Mine DSCN3821  Pony Meadows Mine
DSCN3823  Pony Meadows Mine DSCN3825  Pony Meadows Mine DSCN3827  Big nail DSCN3829  Ore chute
DSCN3831  Large concrete foundation at Pony Meadows Mine DSCN3833  Footings next to foundation Pony Meadows Mine DSCN3835 DSCN3837
DSCN3839 DSC 3780  The Pony Meadows Mine DSC 3688 89 90 tonemapped  Cabin on the way to the Pony Meadows Mine DSC 3723  Hinge at the cabin
DSC 3726  Warning DSC 3729  Must have had some electric-- or planned for it. DSC 3743  Pony Meadows Mine DSC 3750
DSC 3753 DSC 3756 DSC 3759 DSC 3762
DSC 3771 DSC 3774 DSC 3777 DSCN3857  Structures near teh Stone Cabin MIne
DSCN3859  Structures near teh Stone Cabin MIne DSCN3851  Structures near teh Stone Cabin MIne DSCN3853  Structures near teh Stone Cabin MIne DSCN3855  Stone Cabin MIne
DSCN3841  Ruins at Roger Sherman Mine DSCN3843  View of the lovely road down the canyon from the Roger Sherman Mine DSCN3845  Near the Roger Sherman Mine DSCN3847  Near the Roger Sherman Mine
DSCN3849  Historical debris near Roger Sherman Mine