EdwardsCreekStation - Topia Ridge

Some photos from the Edwards Creek area
P1010075  We're calling it Edwards Creek Station P1010077 P1010070 P1010071
P1010072 P1010078  Don't forget to bring water P1010020  There are some petroglyphs in the area too P1010021
P1010022  Caves and geology and such P1010023  It's a beautiful ride P1010026 P1010027
P1010028 P1010030 P1010031 P1010032
P1010033 P1010034 P1010036 P1010037
P1010039  Professional photographers like this one come for many miles just to take pictures. P1010043 P1010044 P1010045
P1010046 P1010047 P1010048 P1010049
P1010050 P1010051 P1010052 P1010053
P1010054 P1010055 P1010056 P1010057
P1010058 P1010059 P1010060 P1010062  More rock ruins. Miners, perhaps.
P1010063 P1010064 P1010065 P1010066
P1010067 P1010069 P1010079  Corral down the road a bit P1010080
P1010081 P1010082 P1010083 P1010084
P1010085 P1010086 P1010087 P1010089
P1010091 P1010094  A bug P1010095 P1010097
P1010098 P1010017 P1010018