Kaiser Mine

Some shots from the Kaiser Mine
2017- DSC 4816  Not many buildings here, but LOTS of foundations like this one DSC 4819  An overview of the main part of the camp DSC 4822 DSC 4825
DSC 4828  Gotta have coffee DSC 4831  They always leave the tires. DSC 4834  Looks like there may have been a fire here at one time DSC 4837  Nice tiled floor
DSC 4840 DSC 4843 DSC 4846 DSC 4849
DSC 4852  The only buildings still erect-- and not for long. DSC 4855  Odd circular "planters" in this little "garden" area. DSC 4858 DSC 4861  We probably counted at least five or six "dugouts" here.
DSC 4864 DSC 4867  This dugout was built like an air raid shelter. DSC 4870 DSC 4871
DSC 4872  Bright blue belly on this guy DSC 4876 DSC 4879 DSC 4882  Shotgun shells melted together for some reason
DSC 4885  Typical can dump DSC 4888 DSC 4891 DSC 4894
DSC 4897  Looks like this had a toilet and a sink at one time DSC 4900 DSC 4906 DSC 4909  This building used to be green.
DSC 4910 DSC 4913 DSC 4916 DSC 4919
DSC 4922  Cows watched our every move. DSC 4925  Another dugout DSC 4929  Pipes in the ground- water was coming from a well somewhere. DSC 4932
DSC 4936  Flowers in the  desert aren't very big. DSC 4940  This tree needs some water DSC 4941  Large cover over this mine means, "Please refrain from entering." DSC 4942
DSC 4945 DSC 4949 50 51 tonemapped  Steep incline, wide rails, and a handy ladder for entering and exiting off to the left. DSC 4952 DSC 4955
DSC 4958 DSC 4961 DSC 4964  An over view looking north DSC 4967
DSC 4970 DSC 4973  Vent pipe from another dugout DSC 4976  Large wooden ruins must have been here at one time- now just scrap lumber DSC 4979
DSC 4981  Heavy duty steel door on this one DSC 4982 DSC 4983 DSC 4984