Some shots from our visit to Ophir Canyon
DSCN0599 DSCN0601 DSCN0604 DSCN0611
DSCN0620 DSCN0626 DSCN0630 DSCN0636  Didn't have to wear the rain suit all day, thinkfully
ophir01  Panorama of mill site ophir03 ophir04 ophir05
ophir06 ophir-historical1870-1880-800  Have no idea where I stole this old photo of Ophir from, sorry. P1010023 P1010029
P1010030 P1010031 P1010032  Lonely sheepherders left their mark P1010033
P1010042  Speaking of lonely sheepherders, Luis was prepared for the rain, at least. My rainsuit leaked like a seive. P1010034 P1010035  A view from the top of the ridge, looking east down into Ophir Creek Canyon P1010037
P1010038 P1010039 P1010040 P1010041
P1010043 P1010044 P1010046 P1010047
P1010048 P1010049 P8140483 P8140484
P8140485 P8140486 P8140487 P8140488
P8140489 P8140490 P8140491 P8140492
P8140493 P8140494 P8140495 P8140496
P8140497 P8140498 P8140499 P8140500
P8140501 P8140502 P8140503 P8140504
P8140505 P8140506 P8140507 P8140508
P8140509 P8140510 P8140511  There are lots of large stone ruins P8140512
P8140513 P8140514 P8140515 P8140516
P8140517 P8140518 P8140519 P8140520
P8140521 P8140522 P8140523 P8140524
P8140525 P8140526 P8140527 P8140528
P8140529 P8140530 P8140531 P8140532
P8140533 P8140534 P8140535 P8140536
P8140537 P8140538 P8140539 P8140540
P8140540 tonemapped P8140541 P8140542 P8140543
P8140544 P8140545  This beam was hand-hewn. P8140546 P8140547
P8140548 P8140549 P8140550 P8140551a
P8140552 P8140553 P8140554 P8140555
P8140556 P8140557 P8140558 P8140559
P8140560 P8140561 P8140562 P8140563
P8140564 P8140565 P8140566 P8140567
P8140568 P8140569 P8140570 P8140571
P8140572 P8140573 P8140574 P8140575
P8140576 P8140577 P8140577a P8140578