Williams Station

Pictures from the location of Williams Station, September 2013
20130928 122326  Panorama with the Williams Station location left of center on a small knoll 20130928 122632  Very little water in Lake Lahontan these days (September 28, 2013) 20130928 122651 1 bestshot  A view of a river where a lake should be 20130928 122928 5 bestshot  The dark knoll in the foreground is where we believe the station was loacted. Can't get to it. Too muddy!
20130928 131739  We tried coming in from the east- no dice! 20130928 131754  The ground was fairly sollid and then all of a sudden turned to slimy muck. 20130928 132117  Trees from when they flooded the valley in 1915 20130928 132137  Close up of the stumps
20130928 132150  Lake Lahontan - September 2013 20130928 133813  Overlooking Honey Lake Smith's from the east, looking west DeGroot 1863 Nevada  A Degroot Map from 1863 showing the location of Honey Lake Smith's Holt 1869 NV CA map  A holt map from 1869 showing Honey Lake Smith's
p1010178 spcoll degroot nvterr 1863  A less colorful Degroot map Williams Control Station  This is the little spit of sand from which we controlled our flight. Approaching Williams  Approaching Williams Station by air
Williams Station  The entire "island" exposed. Above Williams  Hovering above Williams Station Williams Detail  Closer now, showing some detail. Note the straight lines... foundations? Corrals?