Quartz Mountain (Nye County) We Visited: 13 December 2003
Our Dinner: Hamburgers at Middlegate!
38 54' 38"N, 117 53' 50"W - DOWNEYVILLE quad

Directions: Highway 50E from Fallon 47 miles to Middlegate and the junction of Highway 361; Turn S on SR361 for 29.6 miles; turn left on local road (SR 844) for 0.5 miles; turn left on local road for 1 mile; turn right on local road for 0.5 miles

From Fallon: 78.6 miles

What Was

Discoveries here weren't made until late in Nevada mining history, in 1920, with real work beginning about five years later. Silver-lead ore was what drove Quartz Mountain into prominence. The activity even helped revive nearby Broken Hills. By this time in history, the automobile had come into regular use, so many miners used them to get to work, and it was trucks instead of wagons that did much of the freight hauling. Paher says the camp folded after 1926, which seems strange because Nevada Post Offices says the post office didn't open until after 1927. So it's clear we have to figure out what's going on here.

Post Office: June 7, 1927 to January 15, 1929

Newspaper: None

What is

I wish we had some pictures of Quartz Mountain before we got there, as it looked like it had been a bustling place. While nearby Broken Hills is swept free of debris, Quartz Mountain has quite a few flattened buildings and foundations left. I do think it suffers the same fate at Broken Hills, which is easy access. There is more historical lumber here than almost any site we've visited. Most impressive is the still-standing headframe of the San Rafael Mine. It looks like someone tried to kick the supports over, and I'm glad they didn't succeed.

There is some interesting debris to look at here, and a few cars and car parts, since the age of the auto was dawning at this camp came into being.

As always, dinner at friendly Middlegate Station was superb. Luis had the patty melt and I tried the $8.50 double bacon cheeseburger (it's feed a cold, starve a fever, right?) which is better that anything you can get in town.

Proof that my favorite beverage was drunk near this very spot.
The remains of a wooden building
The headframe at the San Rafael Mine.
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