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36° 53' 53 "N, 116° 49' 48 "W    USGS Beatty, NV Quad

VISITED November 26, 2010.
DIRECTIONS Take US 95 south from Fallon for 268 miles; continue straight in a SW direction on SR 374 for 2.2 miles; turn right on local dirt road for 2.3 miles. From Fallon: 272.5 miles

The Bullfrog District was organized in 1904 after discoveries by Frank "Shorty" Harris and Eddie Cross. Early the next year, a townsite was platted and the town began to form. The Las Vegas and Tonapah Railroad reached the town by 1906 and by 1907 it had a population of 6,000. The San Francisco Earthquake in April of 1906 and the financial panic that followed in 1907 held bring the demise of the mines- by 1910 only 700 people remained.

POST OFFICE 19 May 1905 - 15 September 1919
NEWSPAPER Rhyolite Herald, Bullfrog miner, Rhyolite Daily Bulletin, Death Valley Magazine

Substantial ruins and a nice graveyard down the road a piece are all that's left of Rhyolite. Many of the buildings are fenced off for your safety, and at least one building (the "museum") remains occupied. The train station is large and impressive, as are the ruins of the bank and school, and the jail.

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