Sand Springs Station
A slightly under-exposed view looking out over Four Mile Flat
A closeup at the restored walls
You can't be a serious Pony Express Station unless you have at least one gun port. This one faces north.
This was the room they kept telegraph batteries.
You can still find tiny bits of iron and glass. Gee, I never realized my hand was so soft and pink looking. I'm gonna have to get myself a real job.
Maintaining a Pony Express Station is hard work, even today
Why slow down to read the sign when you can see it here?
This well was hand dug in the 1850's by the Simpson expedition and used by the station. The water table is near the surface here. The water is so alkalai here that they had to pour vinegar (an acid) into it in order to make it somewhat drinkable. Yummy.
The north wall of the station, looking east
A panoramic view towards Sand Mountain looking north
Did someone say, "Supersize my panorama?"
Everything is plretty flat here, so it's hard to get a good perspective. The panoramic views distort somewhat, but they give you a good general idea.
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