Silver Hill
There appears to be year 'round springs feeding a small creek which runs down the middle of the canyon, and every tree, bush, and flower in the area is taking advantage. In some places you cannot cross from one side of the canyon to the other without a machete. It's quite impossible to ride up the creek bed for very far.
Not much in the way of mines and workings here, and what is here is way up the side of the canyon.
First indication that you're near Silver hill is this fence stretched across the canyon, age unknown, but probably more recent than the camp.
The map shows a ruin up the canyon- is this it? Yep. On our second trip we got a lot closer.
Tables, beds, and assorted debris litter the camp in places.
This appears to be part of a door to a stove?
A pot, a sledge hammer head, some shoe leather, and the remains of a small pan Two sets of bedsprings- all that's left of what is apparently a child-sized bed. These cows just would not get out of the way, and insisted on being herded out of the canyon. This is a picture of the low speed chase.
A panorama of the Silver Hill area as the sun begins to set. The "ruin" marked on the USGS map and shown up the canyon a ways from Silver Hill. Someone had dug a trench next to the cabin, looking for...?
The ruin looking down IXL Canyon towards Silver Hill Inside the cabin, a wooden pole with what I believe is a lard can wrapped around it. The desert is full of mysteries.
Fall in IXL Canyon
What was this guy doing on top of the mountain and who was he yelling at? We may never know. We found this frying pan- handle long gone What delectable treat did this can lid save for a hungry prospector?
The surprise cabin in the next gully. Unfortunately, not the one we were looking for. This cabin is opposite the one shown on the USGS map, up above Silver Hill Luis reconnoiters the cabin shown on the USGS map
Luis records an IXL fall for posterity.
What's left of a... rake?
Stew never tasted so good.

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