Terrill (aka Terrell, Camp Terrill) We Visited: January 2003
39 05' 22"N, 118 41' 36"W - TERRILL MOUNTAINS quad

Directions: From Fallon, 24 miles south on U.S. 95, (17.16 miles south of Dodge Lane) dirt road heads NNE, go 1.25 miles until fork, take right fork 2.7 miles and make right (SSE) for 1.5 miles.

From Fallon: 38 miles

What Was

Discoveries in 1910 by J.V. (Judd) Terrill and George Pollingeron the Silver Star claim brought about the existance of Camp Terrill. Later joined and aided financiall by Craig Catterson, they sunk a 107 foot shaft and finally acquired a group of 24 claims. The camp was quite active in 1912, and by August of 1913 there were 30 cabins and tents, and ten tons of ore at $68 a ton had been shipped. The road from Fallon to Shurz once passed by Terrill, but after its decline it was re-routed. Several of the mines are equipped with air compressor drills and gasoline hoists. The water level appears to be about at the100' level , which is why most shafts were not sunk below that depth. In 1915 there was talk about putting in a mill but the ore was too low of a grade to make that profitable. The Silver Star mine and the Last Hope Mine seemed to be the most steady producers.
-Carson Sink Area by F.C. Schrader, 1911-1921, U.S.G.S.

Post Office: None

Newspaper: None

What is

The site now lies wholly within the boundaries of the Walker River Indian Reservation. To visit the site, get permission from the Tribal Council, which can be contacted by calling (775) 773-2306. They were pleasant and helpful when they learned what we wanted to do.

There's a lot of debris about, and various foundations and the remains of wood buildings slowly deteriorating.


Terrill used to be on the main road between Fallon and Shurz, according to this undated AAA strip map.
Terrill snuggles up against the base of the aprtly named Terrill Mountains
The Terrill dump! An inspiring collection of twentieth century cans!
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