A panorama of the cemetery
Compare the 1905 Ed A. Smith photo from Paher's book (b&w photo) to the 2004 color photo on the bottom. View of Buena Vista Canyon looking east.
Compare this 1871 Nevada Historical Society photo on top with the 2004 version on the bottom. View of Unionville looking west.

Looks like some older ruins were used to create a new building- in this case, a handy car port.
The ruins of a large, two-room structure on the south side of the road.
Snarling Dobermans, machine gun nests, and barbed wire fences protect the old Unionville School.
Built in 1871 for $2,500, and it continued to operate until 1955. One teacher, M.A. Leonard, arrived in 1896 and taught school with only a short interruption until 1955. The school is now privately owned.
Newer building, or old building converted?
A couple of cabins from the old days.
Just in case you thought today's Unionville residents were Okies living in burned-out Airstream trailers, this guy has a brick and wrought iron fence worth more than your whole house. Unionville boasts a fine bed and breakfast, too.
A lonely cabin
Continuing up the cabin to the mines requires a little clearance and an affinity for "Nevada pin striping" We suggest a narrow vehicle such as an ATV.