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38° 13' 09"N, 118° 10' 47"W USGS Belleville Quad

VISITED April 9, 2005. Our Dinner: MRE's at Columbus
DIRECTIONS Highway 95S from Fallon 114 miles; Turn right on SR 360 for 6.2 miles From Fallon: 120.2 miles

Belleville's birth began with the construction of a twenty-stamp mill to serve Candelaria, in 1873. Another twenty-stamper was constructed a few years later. By 1877 there were probably about 700-800 inhabitants. When water was brought into Candelaria by pipe around 1882, Belleville languished. While the Nevada historical marker claims "In 1887 water piped to Candelaria caused Belleville to decline, being deserted by 1892." Going by the dates of the post office, however, I'd say that it held on for quite a while after that.

POST OFFICE December 1874 - December 1894; August 1915 - April 1918
NEWSPAPER Times, Self-Cocker, Tarantula

Part of the problem with living so far away is that once we've made the darn trip we have to hit a lot of places. Belleville was our first stop, and since we didn't know what lay ahead, we cruised through and then booked towards Candelaria. By the time we got back, it was cold, windy and hailing. However, there is much more to Belleville that what we represent here.

We never got any pictures of the first mill; however, the second mill ruins was quite medieval-looking, and was (I thought) unusual in that the stone walls were curved. I don't recall seeing that before. There are lots of foundations, a hut or two still standing, and a graveyard.

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