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38° 09' 32"N, 118° 05' 21"W USGS Candelaria Quad

VISITED 4/9/2005 . Our Dinner: MRE's at columbia
DIRECTIONS Highway 95S from Fallon 121 miles; Turn W on paved road for 6 miles. From Fallon: 127 miles

Silver discoveries by a group of unknown Spaniards in May of 1865 began interest in this area. The town of Candelaria, named after the Spaniard's Candelaria Mine, came into being in the Fall of 1875 due to the opening of more mines. By 1880 it was booming, and in 1882 the Carson and Colorado Railroad had a narrow gauge line serving the area. However, by 1932 the C&CRR abandoned the branch, and the post office closed in 1939.

Candelaria's name was spelled in a few different ways. Originally, Candalaria, then Candalara, and then Candelaria. The name could have come from the Candelaria Mine in San Dimas, Mexico, which was established in 1785, or it could have been the name of one of the Spanish miners.

POST OFFICE August 1876 - January 1939
NEWSPAPER True Fissure, Chloride Belt

We came in to Candelaria on the Belleville side, following pretty much the same route the old Carson and Colorado railroad did way back when. In fact, you can easily follow the right of way on your left as you travel. It was easy to find, despite a brief panic when my GPS listed Candelaria Junction as Candelaria. Once you reach the site, though, you realize that there just isn't much left- the Kinross Candelaria mining operation was really serious about getting ore out of the ground here. Tailings piles dominate the site, and Metallic City is now just a giant open pit. Luckily, they managed to spare some of the significant ruins here, as well as the cemetery, which is surrounded by a chain link fence. Using your map to get around is a challenge, since most maps were made before Kinross moved in. Luckily, on this trip I got my GPS/PDA combination to work almost 50% of the time. A new record!

There are many ruins here despite the new activity- the place is littered with historical debris of all kinds, and there are several buildings still standing, along with ruins pockmarking the area. The Candelaria Milling Company mill site is quite extensive and impressive. The old mercantile store is holding up fairly well despite it's collapsed roof. One wonders how much of an effect the vibrations of recent mining have had on the site.

Kinroos Mining used to have a little something regarding their attempts to "reclaim" the Candelaria site but they've since taken it off their web site. I guess they're done.

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