Eagleville We Visited: May 14, 2006
Our Dinner: Sausages, eggs, and 'taters
39° 01' 34"N, 118° 15' 10"W USGS Big Kasock Mountain Quad

Directions: From Fallon, East on US 50 for 32 miles; right on SR 839, head south for 16.9 miles; left on local dirt road for 3.4 miles

From Fallon: 52.4 miles

Take it easy

What Was

Eagleville never really amounted to much, although it struggled along for about thirty years. Sporadic mining began in the 1880's, with a post office opening in 1889 and closing in 1913. There wasn't much ore actually shipped from the district, so you have to ask yourself, what the heck did Eaglevillians have to write about that warranted a post office there? Anyway, there was a brief resurgence of activity when things got hot and heavy at Rawhide, but when that was over, the camp died.

Post Office: 1889-1913
Newspaper: None

What is

It's about as exciting in Eagleville now as it was then. Very few remains, with the exception of some collapsed wooden structures, a coupe of rock ruins, and an ore chute at the mine.

This ore chute is still standing outside the mine
There's plenty of debris from prospecting and long-ago-collapsed buildings
Remains of rock foundations
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